Stone Pharmacy will dispense NHS and private prescriptions as fast and efficiently as possible. We will provide any further information about your medication if needed and will store your medication history securely on our system under the data protection act. Unlike supermarket pharmacies, we can order from as many wholesalers as we like, so we can keep a substantial stock level in order to fulfil your prescription. If we do not have any items in stock we will try to get it for you the same day or the next working day.

Repeat Dispensing
If you are a suitable candidate for this service your GP will be able to send prescriptions to cover up to twelve months treatment. You will still have to come back to the pharmacy for each supply but you will avoid the need to ask the GP for a new prescription every month. You can, of course visit your GP any time you feel unwell as normal.

Medication Reminder Pack

If you are having difficulty in remembering to take your medication we have further options available to you.
Weekly dossett boxes(trays) are pre-filled medication packs that are sealed which clearly show the day and time so it acts as a reminder of when to take your medication. They are very easy to use and we will provide a demonstration beforehand. It also acts as a guide for carers or family members to make sure that the medication is being taken correctly.

We can issue these dossett boxes to any patients that require them. You, or someone who deals with your medication can notify us and we will do the rest. We will contact your surgery for you and register your request.